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Omnimon / Omegamon

Remember that time reblogging saved the world?

considering it was the dialup age, I think all those IMs made the enemy experience extreme lag

yes it did that was literally the exact plot they sent him so many emails he couldnt move

I love your blog! I can't believe I COMPLETELY forgot about Starcastle! Looking through the pictures...I realized I use to have the Mermaid one with the castle locket! I wish I had taken better care of my toys as a kid since now all those pieces are missing (same with my polly pockets) because nostalgia hit me hard.

Thanks! I wouldn’t had remembered Starcastles either if I hadn’t kept one from my childhood. 


The Last Unicorn (1982), directed by Jules Bass 

Tropical Jewelry Starcastle with “Natalie” Stardancer Doll

Tropical Jewelry Starcastle with “Natalie” Stardancer Doll


what the fuck is the next big sports anime gonna be? golf anime?? petanque anime??? roller derby anime?? actually hold up im changing the direction of this post to say that i really want a yuri roller derby sports anime

Yuri roller derby sports anime!

Jewellery Castle (Starcastle)



Queen Bubblegum and Vampire Princess by DAV-19

There’s two of them now! And they’re starting to get along.